“Some of the struggles EMC had prior to using TicketManager was that the process was very manual. As the portfolio was growing across the nation, we really weren’t able to scale to the amount of request and tickets that were coming through. When we wanted to look at reporting there was no reporting being done currently so looking at renewing contracts and the amount of money going into sponsorships it just wasn’t scalable. TicketManager has helped EMC in so many different ways, I think the biggest one would be reporting, […] we can track ROI into what we’re doing. We have the system currently integrating with our CRM which is Salesforce.com. We can tie the specific opportunity with our customer […] allowing us to make sure we’re inviting the right customers to the events. We can look at titles, opportunity size, where they are in the sales cycle, and then continue to watch it through the close of the deal.”
Michelle Burgess, Global Sponsorships
EMC Corporation

“Before we had TicketManager, we were tracking all of all ticketing request and all of our tax reporting in Excel. The challenge there was obviously no reporting whatsoever. We also had difficulties with transparency, […] we had no approval processes so managers didn’t know what was happening in their own region. We now have recordable documentation and all of our ticket users know what our ticket policy is. Using TicketManager has helped our teams use the tickets for the best purpose.”
Juliet DePina, National Retail and Corporate Marketing Manager
LP Building Products

“Our major objective with TicketManager is to provide events and venues that support our key leaders’ business initiatives and also provide stakeholder relationship building. We wanted to have the information on those top tier customers and what they enjoyed going to and the reporting to prove that we were getting our highest return on investment. We did all that with TicketManager and we streamline the process, […] which in the end we believe makes a better experience for the ticket user.”
Robbie Doran, Sr. Charlotte Community Affairs & Sports Marketing Consultant
Duke Energy

“Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with a first-class product and environment to conduct business, and with that comes the responsibility of validating the value of their investment with information that is customized to their changing needs and situations. In this economic climate we understand the pressures companies are under to track investment and show results in all their business development objectives. TicketManager is the right solution for us and our customers at the most critical of times.”
Mike Tomon, Senior Vice President of Premium Sales
AEG Worldwide

“The Ravens have a responsibility to ensure that our suite owners have the best tools to maximize their return on the significant investment they make in our franchise. We can only accomplish this goal by partnering with the industry leaders at TicketManager.”
Josh Hartman, Senior Manager, Suite Sales and Services
Baltimore Ravens

“For our fourth season, we will be offering TicketManager’s online tools and apps to our customers as a value-add to help them get the most from their investment.”
Adam Kellner, Director of Suite Sales & Services
Chicago Bears

“We know the power of Bengals tickets and suites and have seen the numbers from our customers. The new mobile app, allowing our customers to take Bengals tickets wherever they go, will only make those strong numbers even better.”
Jeff Berding, Director of Sales
Cincinnati Bengals

“The numbers our customers are seeing through TicketManager’s online tools support what many companies already knew: Broncos tickets are a terrific investment.”
Ryan Barefoot, Senior Director of Premium Seating
Denver Broncos

“We are always looking at new ways to work with our suite holders to guarantee their success with the Texans. A large number of our customers use TicketManager and are seeing a very big return on their luxury suite investment.”
Shari Rainey, Director of Luxury Suite Service
Houston Texans

“TicketManager is an added benefit our customers can use to track the ROI on their suites and share best practices with other suite holders. A number of our customers use TicketManager successfully.”
Greg Hylton, Vice President Premium Seating & Ticket Sales
Indianapolis Colts

“The customers taking advantage of TicketManager’s online tools have been outspoken in their praise and the big numbers they are seeing.”
Kellen Begnoche, Suite Services
Kansas City Chiefs

“Seahawks suites and tickets have long been a staple of Washington’s biggest and best companies. We are always looking for ways to exceed our customer expectations. TicketManager helps our customers tangibly measure the significant ROI of owning tickets.”
Amy Sprangers, Director Suite Sales & Corporate Hospitality
Seattle Seahawks

“Google uses TicketManager to effectively manage and distribute our tickets. With TicketManager, managing tickets is easy.”
John McAteer, Managing Director, US Sales

“NBC Sports and Olympics are pleased to be working with TicketManager. Managing a large number of tickets for our events was a time consuming endeavor. TicketManager gives us the tools to make the process easier. TicketManager’s team has helped us easily transition from our previous process, and we look forward to increased efficiency and having vital ticket metrics at our fingertips.”
Susan Stogel, Consultant, Games Services
NBC Olympics

“TicketManager for Salesforce made what used to be a time-consuming process of managing company sports tickets into a streamlined, efficient workflow. It was easy to install and roll out in our Salesforce instance. It’s a convenient app that opens up the robust capabilities of a powerful ticket management tool within Salesforce. Integration with Salesforce objects has been spot-on!!! I am extremely impressed by the responsiveness of their customer service, and how diligent they are with their updates. Our users and I couldn’t be happier with the app. “
Vishal Rana, Business Analyst/Project Manager

“We want to ensure that our suite and platinum customers have the tools they need to get the most value from their premium seats. TicketManager is very active across professional sports leagues and with the Association of Luxury Suite Directors, so it was the only software company we seriously considered. TicketManager is being used so commonly by our peers, that selecting the software for our corporate customers was an easy decision.”
Brad Mayne, President of Center Operating Company
American Airlines Center

“S4S delivers a seamless extension to Salesforce CRM functionality, providing our customers with better visibility into the performance of their sports and entertainment assets”
Ron Huddleston, Senior Vice President, ISV Alliances

“Before TicketManager, we tracked ticket usage manually in multiple spreadsheets and spent countless hours trying to report ROI. With TicketManager, we are able to hold our employees to a standardized process and retrieve consistent reporting. Users know what to expect in order to utilize ticket assets owned by the company and we are able to provide our leadership with more info on the value tickets are bringing to the business.”
Diana Bing, Relationship Manager, Corporate Marketing
The Principal

“TicketManager has revolutionized our internal ticket management and has measurably saved us time and effort. The reports give Tickets.com management insight into how our tickets and suites are being used, thereby enabling us to maximize the value of these assets.”
Tami Fox, Senior Analyst, Sales & Business Development

“With client entertainment budgets decreasing and the need to provide a business case for suite purchases on the rise, we felt it necessary to refocus our traditional service model to more of an activation role. We are confident our partnership with TicketManager will provide us with the necessary tools to have our suite owners and prospects view their suite investment as a business asset rather than an expense. While most suite owners currently have a system in place to track their ticket usage, most are not measuring the results. TicketManager provides our suite owners the opportunity to not only track how their tickets are being utilized, but also allows them to see their return on investment with the specific information required when tickets are requested, along with TicketManager’s reporting features.”
Mike Setser, Director of Corporate Suite Sales
San Antonio Spurs

“Our previous ticketing system in Chicago absorbed an enormous amount of my time as the Ticket Administrator. Today I am nearly out of the entire process because of the TicketManager program and cannot be happier to have a big responsibility minimized!”
Tammy Ison

“Stanley Black & Decker is committed to tracking all aspects of our sports marketing programs, and TicketManager’s customizable system provides us with the ability to effectively streamline the management of our ticket assets.”
Earle Smola, Manager, Sponsorships & Event Marketing
Stanley Black & Decker

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield is very appreciative to the Kansas City Chiefs for introducing us to TicketManager. I have found TicketManager to be a user friendly system that is proving to be extremely helpful in managing our entire ticket inventory, request and distribution process. TicketManager has provided outstanding customer service and support while the software does a great job of taking the hassle out of handling all of our tickets. I would highly recommend TicketManager to any company that uses tickets to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of positive business relationships.”
Sharon O’Connor, Manager, Board Relations and Corporate Secretary
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

“Prior to using TicketManager, our tickets were managed through a number of Excel workbooks and spreadsheets; something that took up a lot of my time. Tallying quarterly values per client caused a major headache. I’m thankful to the San Antonio Spurs for introducing and providing me the TicketManager software. Managing our tickets has become so much easier and less time consuming which gives me the ability to focus my attention on other company responsibilities.”
Sheila Hodges, Manager
Time Warner Cable Media Sales

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to be using TicketManager. Who would have known that tracking tickets could actually become somewhat enjoyable. Everyone within our organization has been most receptive with the new process of requesting tickets for sporting events. It’s fast, easy, and very approachable for my managers to use”
Yvette McMahon
Republic National Distribution Company

“Huntington Bank has an extensive sports marketing program that includes naming rights sponsorships, season tickets, and other hospitality assets throughout the markets we service. As a financial institution it is of utmost importance for us to track ticket usage for compliance and return on investment purposes. Prior to using TicketManager we tracked our assets with a number of spreadsheets and manual processes. TicketManager has automated our process, given us a simple centralized system, and has allowed us to maintain compliance and track results at the click of a mouse button.”
Michael Lindley, Senior Vice President – Marketing
Huntington Bank

“We looked into other ticket management systems, but based on feedback from teams across the league and in other professional sports, we made the decision to move forward with TicketManager. Suite holders have requested access to a better mechanism to measure ROI and provide a clear and concise understanding of their ticket usage. By partnering with TicketManager, we are able to show our corporate customers that we’re listening to them.”
Lyndsi Weichert, Director, Suite Sales & Service
Sacramento Kings

“TicketManager is being used by a few of our Premium clients, and because of their feedback, we felt very confident that this new ticket management tool would be an added benefit for our entire Premium Seating program.”
Alicia Fox, Director of Premium Seating
Home Depot Center


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