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Tax Laws & Guidelines: Sports & Event Tickets. The Internal Revenue Code imposes rules on the tax documentation and deductibility of tickets. Tickets are 0%, 50%, or 100% deductible based on purpose of use and reliability of documentation. No documentation leads to no deduction and a significant waste of dollars. To be eligible for a …

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Tax & Compliance

Sports and entertainment tickets are valuable corporate assets. They need to be managed and accounted for — and results tabulated — in a formal and compliant manner. Companies have had to rely on processes that are heavily manual, prone to error, and require significant time.Ticket use and purpose must be tracked and stored. Ensuring proper …

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Tax Compliance Checklist

Checklist: Sports & Event Ticket Tax Compliance A Solution Must: Spotlight TMS: Easily collect required tax documentation All tax documentation is collected in an automated and easy workflow with uniform data Accurately track required documentation Workflows assure data validation pre and post-event as well as uniformity of data Efficiently report on required tax documentation…

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