TicketManager for Salesforce

Manage Your Tickets within Salesforce CRM with TicketManager for Salesforce

  • TicketManager is the first enterprise SaaS platform provider focused solely on corporate ticket management
  • One centralized location for all ticket management needs
  • TicketManager’s Business Impact Engine measures effect and reduces waste significantly
  • Customizable workflow and approval process ensures employee compliance
  • Log on to both TicketManager and S4s with a single log on

Watch the TicketManager for Salesforce Demo

TicketManager for Salesforce Data Sheet


Capabilities of TicketManager for Salesforce

  • Track invitation and attendance information right in the Lead or Account, all from one screen
  • Real-time two-way synching between Salesforce CRM and TicketManager
  • TicketManager is built with role based permissions, just like Salesforce.com
    • Make tickets available based on department, region, title, and more
  • Buy tickets and have expense information automatically completed with Concur integration


Powerful Reporting

  • Approvals
  • Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Compliance Reporting – Extensive flexible exportable reporting including:
    • Used vs. unused tickets
    • Top company users
    • Most invited companies and top attendees
    • Return on investment and Influenced revenue
    • Tax deductions




Download the FREE TicketManager for Salesforce Today. Find it on the salesforce.com AppExchange.


Feature Benefit
Salesforce CRM interface Familiar interface, no training required
Log in to TicketManager through Salesforce No additional password to remember
Invite Leads or Contacts directly from their profile screen Not necessary to access extra tabs to invite or view history of leads/contacts
Enter all ticket request details and add invitees in same page. Confirm and submit Minimizes steps and screens
Search all company-owned and external tickets from one screen Easily view both internal and external ticket inventories from with SFDC
Request and buy additional tickets for business or personal use from within Salesforce Ticket functionality available within the environment where users spend the most time. Access to multi-sources of additional tickets insuring best price
View ticket request status and history in one screen along with the Lead or Contact sales history Single screen access to all information
Real time updating of ticket inventory information No guessing or surprises about ticket availability
View a contact’s ticket allocation as well as sales history Quickly determine who has received tickets, who has invited whom and how they have impacted sales
Application runs “silently” Always there, updating automatically
Administrator access controls SFDC Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer Edition organization administrators can select which user profiles have, access to SPLT as part of the installation process. SFDC Professional and Group Edition, organizations packages are installed with “Full Access” to all user profiles. SFDC administrators can restrict access to the application after installation
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