10 Signs Your Client Entertainment is Out of Control

December 13, 2016 10 Signs Your Client Entertainment is Out of Control

By Sagar Jethani

Smart companies know that entertaining clients can generate positive business results. So why does it become a major headache for so many of them? And why are those results so hard to measure?

Here are ten warning signs that your client entertainment is out of control:

  1. You only have a vague idea who’s really using your tickets.
  2. Whenever you ask about ROI, you’re told it’s more about “relationship building,” or that “it’s hard to quantify.”
  3. Employees request events over email.
  4. You track who’s requesting events with an Excel workbook… or workbooks.
  5. You can’t name a single piece of new or renewed business that came in as a result of your client entertainment.
  6. You’re pretty sure employees are taking their friends & family rather than clients to your events.
  7. Sales people complain that by the time they’ve received approval for their events, it’s too late because their clients are no longer available.
  8. Admins complain that managing all these events takes too much time.
  9. Instead of being seen as a revenue driver, client entertainment is considered a cost— one that often comes up when you’re deciding where to make cuts.
  10. You worry that if you ever get audited, the truth of who’s really using your entertainment assets could cause irreparable damage your company’s reputation.

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