Company Use Policy

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An important part of <COMPANY>1’s Travel & Entertainment Policy is our Ticket Use Policy. It applies to all employees, officers, and directors as well as contractors and temporary employees (hereafter referred to as “qualified parties”). All qualified parties must acknowledge and agree to this policy prior to ordering tickets and scheduling events.

Business Purpose2

<COMPANY> has invested in tickets and sponsorships of local teams, venues, and events to accomplish three goals3:

  1. Drive business through the relationships we build with clients by helping them experience memorable events.
  2. Reward partners and internal teams for outstanding performance.
  3. Tickets can be purchased for personal use or given to pre-approved charitable channels.

<COMPANY> tracks data and ticket use to ensure we are achieving these goals while staying compliant. It is critically important that all qualified parties provide accurate data about the events they schedule, including attendee information and business purpose.

All tickets used for business purposes or paid for by COMPANY in full or in part must be entered and tracked in TicketManager. Failure to add tickets and events to TicketManager will prevent qualified parties from obtaining reimbursement and may result in the possible elimination of tickets and events.

Approval Process

The approval process includes a two-step process based on the order purpose selected by qualified parties when requesting tickets:

  1. Manager or business unit leader will approve or deny request based on the business use case.
  2. <COMPANY>’s ticket and events team will approve or deny request based on alignment with company goals and targets.

Approvals are made 1-3 weeks prior to the event to allow time for planning. You can see your pending events, invitations, and real-time updates in the My Orders section of TicketManager.

If you work with public entities or officials and plan to invite them to an event, you must use the Government/Public order purpose when requesting tickets or space at an event. This will send your request to <COMPANY>’s Legal & Compliance department before entering the main approval process described above. It is very important that all requests which include public entities or official are properly categorized to ensure full regulatory compliance.4

All qualified parties must complete the post-event survey in TicketManager within 24 hours after attending their event. This feedback is required to ensure compliance and provide timely feedback to <COMPANY>’s sales, marketing, and finance departments.

Ownership and Tracking

<COMPANY> classifies tickets as marketing assets. It is crucial the data we receive in TicketManager is accurate. Because costs are allocated to client or project codes5, it is imperative qualified parties accurately classify their events in TicketManager. Ticket use is a significant factor in how classifies business expenses for the purpose of taxation. To ensure these classifications are accurate, it is important that all qualified parties enter timely, accurate data into TicketManager.

Special Events

<COMPANY> will occasionally host special events at large national events like the Masters, Super Bowl, or Kentucky Derby. Additionally, we may work with partners to provide special access opportunities for qualified parties including Pit Passes, Suite Passes, Pre-Game Field Passes, and more. TicketManager will host and communicate these special event opportunities.

Purchasing Tickets & Events

It is COMPANY policy to use all corporate-owned assets prior to purchasing tickets or events from outside sources. In some cases, however, qualified parties may wish to provide clients with a memorable experience not available within of our available inventory. In such cases, qualified parties can search for additional events in TicketManager.

TicketManager shows tickets from all reputable tickets sources, including Ticketmaster, StubHub, TicketNetwork, and Vivid Seats. Purchase requests from these sources made through TicketManager will follow the same approval process described above. In such cases, qualified parties will need to use their credit card in accordance with <COMPANY>’s T&E policy on the websites of TicketManager partners.

All tickets requests and purchases must occur in TicketManager. Failure to do so will prevent qualified parties from obtaining reimbursement and may result in the possible elimination of tickets and events.

Prohibited Practices

COMPANY Personal Conduct Policy explicitly prohibits the selling or bartering of tickets or events for personal benefit. Any misrepresentation of ticket or event usage will be immediately addressed per COMPANY Personal Conduct Policy and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. COMPANY may randomly contact past event attendees, including clients, to obtain feedback and ensure full compliance with the policies described herein6.

The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA)

Qualified parties who work with foreign nationals or clients outside the United States must adhere to the statutes described in the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA). The FCPA prohibits influencing individuals and organizations with personal payments, gifts, or other rewards. strictly adheres to the provisions described in the FCPA. All qualified parties must review the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act by visiting the following link:

After reviewing, qualified parties should direct any questions to <COMPANY>’s compliance department: <email>7.

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