TicketManager and Ticketmaster Partner to Streamline Client Entertainment Needs for Thousands of Companies

March 28, 2017 TicketManager and Ticketmaster Partner to Streamline Client Entertainment Needs for Thousands of Companies

Partnership made possible by Ticketmaster’s open platform integration with TicketManager’s ticket management system to improve client access for live events

March 28, 2017 Calabasas, CA — TicketManager, the cloud-based SaaS making client entertainment easier, has partnered with Ticketmaster, the global market leader in ticketing, to leverage its open platform ticketing APIs for all of TicketManager’s live event needs. Integrating TicketManager into Ticketmaster’s open platform will make it easier for companies to request and manage tickets to live events for their corporate clients.

The new partnership will make it easier for companies to invite guests to events directly through their company’s app, which will streamline the ticketing and client gifting process overall and remove the need to manage events through multiple apps or planning tools. Guests will be able to receive tickets and event reminders right on their mobile device. Learn more.

“We are very excited to work with an iconic brand like Ticketmaster to make live event ticketing requests easier for businesses of all sizes,” said TicketManager CEO and co-founder Tony Knopp. “Managing the logistics of client entertainment can take the joy out of live events. No more. TicketManager and Ticketmaster are revolutionizing the way companies take clients out.”

TicketManager gives companies a powerful way to manage all their client entertainment using the technology already used every day. Companies now can create events, build visually engaging responsive invitations, track guests through the invitation process, check-in VIP’s, and report on the success of their event all in an easy to use and affordable SaaS offering.

“Ticketmaster’s open platform allows for companies like TicketManager to maximize their client offerings through a simple, streamlined integration of our most advanced ticketing APIs,” said Dave Scarborough, Chief Strategy Officer at Ticketmaster North America. “Integrating with TicketManager through the Ticketmaster platform gives business customers an enhanced offering with easy ticket distribution, seamless guest management, and clear ROI and effectiveness reports.”

“Ticketmaster is always providing new technologies to make the ticketing experience better for their teams and customers. We’re excited to be a part of these future plans,” Knopp continued. “Together TicketManager and Ticketmaster will make it incredibly simple for companies to manage their client entertainment for sporting events, concerts, and other live entertainment. This is the future, and we are incredibly excited to be driving this dramatic ticketing evolution with Ticketmaster.”

About TicketManager

You share events and experiences with customers that work. TicketManager makes it easy and proves the ROI.

Companies globally invest over $600 billion in client entertainment, customer events, and sports tickets every year. TicketManager makes client entertainment easy and proves the ROI by providing convenient and simple tech to create events, invite guests, register and check-in customers and report on the effectiveness of each event in real-time. How It Works.

The choice of thousands of globally known companies like FedEx, Verizon, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, MasterCard and sixty pro and college teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, TicketManager connects companies and their customers with event and ticket management solutions for today’s business. TicketManager partners with the AppStore and Google Play, TicketManager for Salesforce, TicketManager for Concur, StubHub, Ticketmaster, and TicketManager for Microsoft Outlook to make customer events easy in the applications companies use every day.

TicketManager is based in Calabasas, CA with five offices globally managing and automating over 30 million invitations, registrations and tickets every year.

About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the global market leader in live event ticketing, digital marketing, and mobile fan engagement tools that drive over 530 million ticket transactions per year. Through exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, sports leagues, and arts and theater tours, Ticketmaster delivers unparalleled access to the most iconic live events to millions of fans worldwide. Ticketmaster is a division of Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company.