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Payment Gateways

Increase ticket use & ROI by selling your tickets through TicketManager’s secure payment gateway.

How Smart Companies Make Every Ticket Count

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What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes credit card payments by transferring key information between payment portals and the front end processor/bank. Here at TicketManager, our customers authorize us to use their payment gateways to securely accept payments.

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What Payment Gateways Do We Work With?

We work with a wide array of payment gateways to ensure all of your ticketing needs. These gateways include Elavon Converge (Internet Secure), Elavon Europe, Barclaycar Smartpay, PayPal Express, First Data, Braintree, and Novalnet.

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How Do Companies Connect with Payment Gateways?

For payment gateways that have enabled APIs, we simply pass along a user’s credit card information for payment processing. For those companies that don’t have APIs, we use a separate page to transfer the user’s information. Once your user enters their credit card information on the popup page, the processor accepts the payment and sends along a confirmation code. It’s that easy!

Who We Help

Our customers use payment gateways to increase client satisfaction and ticket utilization. Whether it be through selling tickets directly to their staff, customers, partners, specific public customers, or the general public, payment gateways is a great way of utilizing ticket assets and proving their ROI.
Payment Gateway – Adidas
Adidas uses TicketManager to power its concierge service. The concierge service provides Adidas adiClub memebers with special promotions and access to exclusive tickets. After an order is placed, TicketManager prompts the gateway to debit the adiClub member's account. Tickets are then sent to the customer. This process is performed securely and quickly.
Payment Gateway – Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola uses payment gateways through TicketManager to use all of their Olympic tickets. Coca-Cola allows customers to log in through the TicketManager portal, and search for, and purchase available tickets. By authorizing TicketManager to use its payment gateway, Coca-Cola proved the ROI on its Olympic ticket assets.
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